The Top 5 Board Games to Keep in Your RV Texas

We all like to get out and enjoy the outdoors when we are on our RVing trip, but it’s also fun bring along some games to play. They are fun to play at night when you don’t want to be attacked by bugs or especially when the weather gets nasty. Board games keep everyone entertained and out of trouble.  Below is a list of our top five board games that are always kept in the RV Texas!

Apples to Apples –  this is a great game of comparison especially when you have a bigger group of six or seven. There is a travel size available, but don’t skimp. Get the full version where you can write in your own comparisons.

Chatchphrase – you can get this in an actually board game or an electronic version that you pass from player to player. You need four or more players for this game so if needed just invite your RV neighbor over for a game night!

Phase 10 – this fun card game is based off of a variant of rummy called Liverpool Rummy. You can get away with playing with only two people. This game take a bit of time to play and move through all of the phases it sure is worth it. Tons of fun!

Monopoly – this board game is a classic and a must have in your board game stash. This game is sure to get people going as each one tires to dominate the market.

Scrabble – another great classic. But what I love is that this one is the most educational out of the rest.  And we always play with a dictionary too.

Don’t forget to load up some board games for your next RVing trip Texas. And even if you don’t have the above games, a deck of cards can also provide a lot of entertainment too.  For all of your RV needs strop by any ExploreUSA RV Supercenters today!

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