Tips for Maneuvering Your RV in Tight Spaces

Even if you are a seasoned RVer, maneuvering in tight spaces can still be challenging. And if you are newbie RVer than chances are that you will try to avoid those tight spaces all together. However, you will never learn if you don’t practice. And as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Well, almost perfect in this case as we do run into some occasional mishaps. Regardless, we hope that the tips below will help ease any apprehension when the need come to parking or driving through a tight space.
Whenever you are getting ready to take off in your RV always double check your mirrors to make sure they are correct. Mirror adjustment is important! If half of your mirror has a view to the sky or half of your RV it is not adjusted correctly and used properly. You need to cover as much as the blind spot as possible.

You need to know the height of your RV. You may even want to write it down and tape it somewhere in the front of the RV so you can refer to it easily just in case you are ever in doubt. Here’s a video on just assuming you know the height of your RV:

Now that caused some serious damage. So really I think that taping the size of your rig to somewhere in the front where you can see it doesn’t sound that silly anymore.

Next you will want to get out there and practice. Find an empty parking lot and set up cones if you have them. Here you can practice maneuvering in tight spots, parking and backing up. Practicing will help build your confidence when driving your RV Texas.

This next tip is twofold and it’s is having a spotter and using clear communication. You and the spotter should practice together so that you gain an understanding for how you both communicate what you want done. If you spotter will also be doing some driving then you should take turns as to help each one gain respect and understanding. Patience is key here.

You should practice backing up because when you are at a campground it is always easier to park to where you can just pull out when you are ready to leave….which means you need to back into the spot. Here’s a great video on how to do just that:

And for extra help, you can always purchase a backup camera to help you out! We hope the tips above help you out and if you have any you would like to share please post below! And for all of your RV needs, stop by any ExploreUSA RV Supercenter.

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