Tips for RVers that Travel with Cats

Many seasoned RVers travel full-time with their pet cats in tow.

Cats are great companions and  are simply nice to have around. It’s also nice to not have to pay the expense of having a pet sitter back home or paying a kennel to care for your kitty.

Unfortunately, cats can do quite a bit of damage to the interior of a fifth wheel, motorhome or trailer. Many folks that I have met that travel with a cat, have had the cat’s front claws removed. That cuts down on a lot of the damage that can be done, but they still have their back claws.

Here are a few ideas that should help you protect your RV interior.

Consider having your cat declawed. If declawing is not an option, applying vinyl caps to your cat’s front nails is a great alternative. Nail caps work surprisingly well and, if applied properly, the caps will stay on for two to four weeks.

Caps can be applied to the back nails for added protection too.

Cat nail caps are sold in pet stores, and can also be purchased on line (search term “cat nail caps”). These caps are also relatively inexpensive. For example, a package of 40 caps from Kitty Caps sells for around $15. Obviously, using nail caps is a much cheaper approach than reupholstering furniture.

In addition to declawing and/or using nail caps, you can add additional protection for the RV dashboard by draping a blanket or comforter across it, providing an attractive and comfy barrier upon which your cat can lounge in the sun and preen for passing admirers. You can further protect couches and chairs from damage, hair and dander by strategically placing draping throws or blankets. This can also enhance the overall decor and coziness of your RV’s interior. [RV Travel]

Traveling with a cat can be a wonderful thing, or it can be a destructive thing. Hopefully these tips will help you keep the peace between you and your cat while you are out exploring the country. If you find yourself close to one of our 7 Explore USA locations, please stop in and say hello!


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