Top 10 Reasons to RV Texas!

If you are trying to debate whether you should fly to your next vacation destination or take the RV let me help you out. Below are our top 10 reasons why you should RV Texas! Like you really need an excuse, but here we go anyway!

  1. Travel on Your Own Schedule. Getting to the airport takes time, plus parking, and shuttling from parking to checking in! RVing frees up your schedule to whatever you want it to be
  2. No Security Checkpoints. Unless of course you’re traveling in or out of the county.
  3. No hotel expense. Hotels can add up fast. Taking the RV means no crazy expensive hotel bills.
  4. Go Places Planes Can’t. You can take your RV just about anywhere. Can’t really say that about a plane.
  5. No Cramped Seating. And even better, no sitting by strangers.
  6. No Bad Customer Service. Airline customer service seems to get worse by the year.
  7. Sleep Better. Sleeping on an airplane is not what I would call comfortable. With a RV you can snooze while the captain drives or you can pull over and everyone take a cat nap.
  8. No bad plane smells. You know what I’m talking about.
  9. Experience the Open Road. It’s pretty hard to see things from way up above cloud level. Taking the RV means you get to see and discover lots of new places.
  10. Do What You Want to Do, When You Want to Do It. Need I say more, on this one? Didn’t think so.

Those are out 10 Reasons Why You Should RV. If you have anything you’d like to add, please comment below as we would love to hear from you! Or better yet stop by any ExploreUSA RV Supercenter today and tell us in person.

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