Towing Safely

Purchasing an RV from an RV dealer in Texas is partially predetermined by the type of towing vehicle you have, unless you are willing to buy a truck large enough to tow the RV you want. Each vehicle has its own towing capacity. If the RV is heavier than the truck’s towing capacity, you could cause significant mechanical issues with your truck, such as transmission issues and other engine issues. Your Texas RV dealer can help you determine how much RV you can tow. The towing capacity for your vehicle is listed in your owner’s manual.


A bumper hitch isn’t good for much — maybe a small garden trailer that is not hauling too much weight. Before you can tow an RV, make sure your truck’s hitch matches your truck’s towing capacity. It must also be the right type of hitch for the RV you want to tow. For a load as heavy as an RV, you need a hitch that distribute weight to help reduce sway.

Driving Tips

Before you leave on the trip, be sure all mechanical functions are working properly. This includes brakes, lights and signals. Stop every 80 to 100 miles to check the tires, make sure the lights are still working and make sure the load didn’t shift. Load shifting applies more to toy haulers if you are towing ATVs or motorcycles in your RV. Always check the tie straps to ensure they are still tight.

Always check your vehicle’s fluid before you leave. Check them again every 500 miles to ensure that everything is still full. Carry extra jugs of antifreeze, bottles of brake fluid, quarts of oil, and transmission and power steering fluids with you. You may need to top off at an area where there are no service stations or at a service station that doesn’t carry the type of fluid your vehicle requires.

The 2012 Dutchmen Rubicon is perfect for the couple or young family who wants to travel with ATVs or motorcycles.

While you are towing an RV, drive slower than normal. Be sure to keep extra distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. It takes longer to stop while you are towing something heavy. If you stop too quickly, the trailer could slide sideways, push the truck into a skid, jackknife or tip over.

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