Travel Safely with Your Pets RVers!

Have you even met those people that treat their pets like they would their children? What a life, right! I would love to be spoiled like that. All kidding aside, bringing your pets along with you on a RVing trip is great fun for both you and your pet. There are some travel tips that I would like to share to keep all traveling parties, two-legged and four-legged, safe.

• If you have not yet purchased your motorhome or travel trailer, you should consider a layout that will work for both you and the needs of your dog(s).
• If your pet is not use to traveling yet, start small with car rides to get them use to being in motion.
• Before you hit the road, take your pet on a pre-trip checkup
• Pack a suitcase for the pets! Bring along their favorite toys, blankets, treats, food and water dishes so it feels like home to them.
• Bring along your pets medical records just in case too along with your vets phone number.
• Protect your pets from flea and tick repellent.
• It seems like it may be good idea for the dog to roam loose in the RV, but if there is a sudden stop or accident your pet will most likely loose footing and go flying into a hard object or even a person. To avoid this, consider installing a crate that is mounted to the floor, or check out a pet seat harness.
• Stop every three hours and let the pets out to go to the bathroom and stretch their legs. This a great time for everyone to get some fresh air and a get a little exercise.
• Bring their leashes and some extra’s too, just in case.
Traveling with your pets is truly enjoyable for you and them, but you will need to take extra care to make sure they are safe. Depending on where you are staying you may need to be extra aware of any wildlife that could pose danger especially if you have smaller pets traveling with you.

If you travel with your pets we’d love to see a road tripping RV with you all! Just post it on our facebook wall. And if you have any great pet travel tips you would like to share, just comment below or stop by ExploreUSA RV Supercenter today.

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