Traveling With a Pet

When the opportunity arises for you to travel with your pet, there are many considerations that must be made. Sure it seems like a great alternative to having to board or leave your pet with a caretaker, but it is important to realize all of the extra responsibilities that will accompany bringing your little loved one along during your travels.


We all know the comfort and safety of our pets should be our biggest concern, especially if the drive your going to take in your Texas RV will be hours on end. Your pet should be in an environment which they are used to (like a crate if you don’t want them out roaming the RV the entire trip) and they should have enough room to lay down and move around, as needed. If they are put in a crate it should be sturdy to withstand a bumpy ride, and they should also have some type of padding underneath themselves so that they do not get sore from lying in the same position for a long period of time.

Unlike a flight, when your pet is traveling with you in your RV the trip can be much longer, especially if there is some type of delay such as a traffic jam or construction. With this is mind you must remember that your pet cannot stay in a crate for that long without needing to stop for a restroom break, feeding break, or just a little time to move his or her legs around. You may have to bear hearing your pet cry and wine because they want to get out or they need to relieve themselves. Dealing with the possible constant crying of your pet, accompanied with a possible traffic jam, possibly your children (if you have any) fighting, and your spouse mad at you for driving too slow, can be a lot for a driver or passenger to bear!

This situation is definitely not always going to happen (and I wish it on no one), but it is important to expect the worst and analyze yourself and your tolerance level when considering bringing your pet along for the ride! This article is not intended to turn you away from the idea of bringing along your pet, rather inform you of things you will need to think about that you otherwise would not have had to consider. I honestly love bringing along our dog- he enjoys his time on the road and we do too! We have piece of mind knowing that he’s with us, he’s safe, and he’s enjoying himself. Patience is the key if you do decide to embark on adding this extra member to your group. It can be done and will add to your memories of the trip, just don’t forget everything that comes along with it! Come by one of our 8 TX RV dealer locations today and we can help you find an RV that fits your needs as well as your pet!

What do you think about bringing along a pet on an RV vacation? Do you do it? Have any other tips that we should know about? Please share!

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