Visit the Spring Antiques Fair at Roundtop!

Roundtop, Texas has made a name for itself in the antiques world. They consistently offer high quality, fairly priced antiques, which keeps the regulars coming back for more year after year.

These antique dealers that sell at Roundtop continually search all over the country for those perfect items to show their regular and new clients, because they know that quality is what makes the customers come back to the Round Top Antiques Fair. Ranging from inexpensive to museum quality, from small to large, the merchandise will be the best quality there is to offer − which is the reason customers have been known to furnish entire rooms from this one show!

The 44th Annual Spring Antiques Fair at Roundtop takes place on April 4-7. This would be a perfect Texas RV spring road trip, but make sure you leave enough room in your rig for all of your new purchases!

Some of the better RV parks that are nearby include the South 40 RV Park, located in Giddings, about 17 miles west of Round Top. This is close to Lost Pines. It’s actually on a longhorn cattle reach, so you get to experience the longhorn cattle as they graze nearby.

Another good RV Park is the Carmine-Dixieland RV Park. This one is closer to Roundtop and is actually a popular one with the Antiques Fair regulars.

If you can’t make the April Antiques Fair, then try to make one of the other fairs that they hold throughout the year. It’s a fun town, it has great food and they love the RV community!


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