Which Towable Recreational Vehicle is Right for You? A Travel Trailer or a Fifth-Wheel

So you have decided that you want to purchase a towable recreational vehicle.  You have several choices when it comes to a towable but I am going to focus on the two big towables, a travel trailer and  fifth-wheel.

The main difference between a travel trailer and a fifth-wheel is how they are towed. The travel trailer will hook up to a hitch of your vehicle whereas a fifth-wheel uses a truck bed mounted pin and jaw hitch.  So the question here is what type of vehicle are you going to be towing with? If you’re using a SUV then your option is the travel trailer. But if you are towing with a truck you can choose between either.

Advantages of the Travel Trailer:

  • Tow vehicle flexibility: You can tow with a van, SUV or truck. Truck beds are available for more cargo storage.
  • Lighter in weight which can result in better fuel
  • Lower roofline means less risk of snagging overhead obstructions.
  • Single level floor plan which may be a good option for those who have a hard time getting around
  • Usually built lower to the ground.

Advantages of the Fifth-Wheel:

  • You have much more stable towing.
  • Easier to hitch and unhitch even if just one person
  • Usually can store a larger amount fresh and waste water which can be beneficial if you plan on dry camping/Boondocking
  • Higher ceiling height which gives a more spacious feel
  • More overhead cabinet space
  • and provides additional overhead cabinet space.

If budget is a concern, then generally a travel trailer is more affordable than a fifth-wheel.  However you should think about your needs and what you want this RV to be able to do to fit your needs. Then, you should go to the nearest ExploreUSA RV Supercenter and they will be able to help you find what fits your needs best as well as give you a tour inside each type.

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