Winter Camping in Your New Texas RV

Many people prefer not to go camping in the winter, but some really love the outdoors and will make the most of any type of weather. Before you get ready for a winter camping trip, have a Texas RV dealership make sure your RV is ready for a winter trip, especially if you are going into snow country. Even if you have a new RV Texas, you should make sure it’s ready for a long trip into the cold and snow.

Vents: Check the vents on your used RV Texas. If the vents have cracks in them, you can lose heat or end up sitting under a cold draft. If your RV doesn’t have vent pillows, you can purchase them at a Texas RV dealership.

Hot Water: The plumbing in an RV is not the same as the plumbing in your house. Most RV plumbing systems can only withstand about 60 p.s.i. If the water freezes in your RV the plastic lines are more likely to crack. This could be a huge problem. Make sure your hot water heater is working properly — it will help keep the lines from freezing. Also, make sure your heater is working properly. The heat also keeps the lines inside warm enough so they won’t freeze.

Snowmobiling in New Brunswick. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Skeezix, Creative Commons

Packing: Be sure to pack for cold weather. If you are from an area where it doesn’t fall below 50 or 60 degrees, you may not have the winter clothing needed for a trip into snow country. Before your trip, purchase a warm winter coat, boots, gloves, hat and a scarf. Sweatshirts are also great. If it’s really cold on the slopes, they can help keep you warm, or if you are sitting inside the RV and don’t want the heat over 65 to preserve gas, they can help keep you a little warmer. Don’t forget your feet! Thick socks help keep your feet warm inside and outside.

Making sure your RV is winter-worthy can save you heartache and time. You’d rather be out skiing or snowmobiling than dealing with plumbing problems and other problems that may crop up on a trip; and when you come inside from hours in the cold, you definitely don’t want to feel drafts.

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