Trade Your RV

Please Read Carefully & Fill in All That Apply

Trade In Description (Part 1)

Trade In Description (Part 2)

Exterior Graphics Examples

  • No Paint W/Vinyl Graphics
  • Partial Paint W/Vinyl Graphics
  • Colored Sidewalls W/Vinyl Graphics
  • White Paint W/Painted Graphics
  • Full Color Paint W/Painted Graphics

Condition Report (Part 1)

Condition Guidlines

4 = Excellent (Like new with virtually no signs of wear)
3 = Good (Can be made almost excellent with light clean)
2 = Fair (Decent shape, but has noticeable wear, stains, fading, etc. With heavy clean or polish could be made good)
1 = Poor (Excessive wear, tears, stains, odors. Even with heavy clean or polish will never be good)

Condition Report (Part 2)

Features & Options

*Trade difference is good for 72 hours unless otherwise specified and may be altered if trade-in is not as described.