Bunkhouse Floorplans: Why One Will Work For You

If you frequently find yourself traveling with more passengers than originally planned, first off, you’re probably really fun to travel with, and secondly, you might want to consider a bunkhouse RV.

What’s a bunkhouse?

It’s an RV with bunk beds designed to give you the extra sleeping space to invite friends and family along for your journey. With a variety of bunkhouse styles on the market, you can choose between an alcove-style bunk area to a larger room with convertible bunkbeds and living area.




Deck out the bunkhouse with fun colors and toys and you’ve got yourself a great space for kids to relax and spend time while traveling. Or make it a retreat for yourself to get some quiet time, with the extra space you have more flexibility to create a space perfect for you.

Depending on how many people you’re planning to travel with, you can choose a bunkhouse that will sleep seven, like the 2016 Crossroads RV Hill Country HCT32BH, or even up to eleven like in the 2016 Crossroads RV Longhorn LHT26DT. Yes, you read that right, eleven guests in a travel trailer!

With storage options ranging from small shelving for books and other necessities, to under the mattress space for larger items, bunkhouses provide you the extra room to bring along more friends and family, and all their gear.


Further down the (metaphorical) road, when the kids are grown and you just aren’t bringing as many passengers anymore, you can convert the bunkhouse into a small office, workspace, or whatever your heart desires.

With new and used bunkhouse options available, we’ve got the perfect RV to suit your travel plans. Visit one of our locations today to see our inventory!


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