Document Your RVing Adventures Texas!

There are so many things you can do when you’re RVing and although it’s fun to tell stories about your travels, it’s  even better when you can show your audience some photographs or videos. Especially if you get to experience some awesome things that some just might not believe if they don’t see some proof!

With either or both a camera and a video camera you can capture the fun things that go on in the RV as well as take it on activities you enjoy outdoors when you’re out RVing Texas.  There are a lot of great cameras and video camera’s on the market right now so you can share your RVing adventures visually.  So what to get you ask? Well that’s going to totally up to you, but I can give some information on a range of products to consider and find the perfect one(s) that fit your lifestyle.

In the world of digital camera there are a ton of options out there. What you need to consider is what type of digital camera is right for you. You have a point and shoot or a digital SLR to choose from. If you’re not interested in learning all that there is to know about photography and just want to take a good picture without the hassle then a point and shoot style will be perfect for you. It’s super small too so it won’t take up much room in your Heartland RV Texas. One thing that you may want to consider is how your point and shoot camera will be powered.  Some use regular AA batteries while others use their own batter pack that needs to be charged via an outlet.

The other camera option is a DSLR. If you’ve been interested in photography and want to better learn on how to take a great picture then you many want to consider this type of camera. This camera has the ability to grow with you, however it is on the bigger side and comes with a batter pack that needs charging.

One convenient feature is that a lot of camera for both types, point and shoot and DSLR, come with built in video cameras. This is fine for a lot of folks that don’t want the hassle of having two pieces of equipment to tote around in the RV.  Some think that the grade of the video is not a good as you would get if you used a video camera.

When it comes to video camera there are a lot of great options. Some things to consider when choosing a video camera is what file format it outputs to, if HD quality is important, the size of the camera. There are some great pocket sized cameras, the Flip is a better known maker of these, that are super easy to use.

Capturing and sharing your RVing adventures with friends or even going back and looking at the fun times yourself is priceless as are the memories you create RVing. Stop by ExploreUSA RV Supercenter and share some of your with us and check out some great new recreational vehicles Texas!


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