How to Keep Those Texas Mosquitos Away from Your Campsite

As I’m sure you all know, North Texas has now had two West Nile-related deaths in Dallas county. Even without the threat of West Nile, mosquitoes can ruin any outdoor adventure in my opinion. And when you’re spending a lot of time at campsites across Texas, you’re definitely going to want to do everything you can to keep those little blood-suckers away, right?

Fox 4 News recently wrote an article sharing some excellent tips on minimizing the number of mosquitoes around your dwelling that I just had to share with my fellow RVers.

The first two items on their list were fairly common knowledge… use bug spray that contains DEET and eliminate as much standing water as you can. If you enjoy sitting outside your travel trailer or fifth wheel¬† at night (which I’m sure you all do given it’s the only time we won’t melt), replace any outside lights on your RV with yellow bug lights or LED bulbs. Both of these have frequencies which mosquitoes aren’t attracted to. ExploreUSA’s online RV accessories and parts store has a ton of LED replacement lights to choose from and you can even order them online.

This last tip I wanted to share is one I had never heard of before. Did you know that mosquitoes hate wind? That’s right, they don’t like flying through a steady breeze.¬† So try adding turning on a few fans when you’re sitting outside your travel trailer or RV. Not only will they add to keeping the mosquitoes away, they also help keep you cool.

These are just a few things you can do to help lower the amount of mosquitoes around your campsite. Check out ExploreUSA’s selection of other gadgets and gizmos that repel mosquitoes including mosquito sticks and mosquito coils. Happy travels, and don’t let those mosquitoes get the best of your next trip!
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