Imagine a Family of 12 Living Full-time in a Toy Hauler!

The RV lifestyle can be very attractive to some families. The Explore USA dealerships have seen a fair share of large families that choose to home school and travel, instead of giving their kids a traditional upbringing. Can you imagine 10 kids living in a RV though?

I’ll share a story of this family of 12 that bought a toy hauler and converted it into a pretty nice RV.

This type of 5th wheel is called a ‘toy hauler’ because the rear 12′ of the 40 foot long coach is a ‘garage’. It is meant for hauling dirt bikes, quads and dune buggies. They were looking specifically for toy haulers because of the space that can be easily converted to sleeping quarters. Nearly all of the toy haulers have 2 electric drop-down queen beds.

The boys have the ‘garage’ – just wait until CPS shows up because someone at Wal-Mart overheard the boys talking about sleeping in the garage!

For now, the 2 older boys have the top bunk, and the 4 younger boys sleep in the wrong direction on the bottom.

The plan is to modify the garage this summer and put in a half-bath (doesn’t take up much room).

The floor of the garage is black diamond-plating, so we put down a rug to make it more conducive to playing back there. We also bought some plastic drawers for clothes, and installed coat hooks next to the back door.

One of the cool things about the garage is that the entire back wall is actually a garage door. The whole thing drops down and is a ramp for loading the ‘toys’. The kids have put it down and pulled down the screen door – cools the coach off nicely when it’s warm out.

The girls have claimed the loft inside the RV, and though the couches are both very easy to fold out, they insist upon all staying up in their little hide-away. [Ticknor Tribe blog]

It looks like this family has found a good fit for their situation. A toy hauler can serve many purposes besides just hauling motorcycles or other toys. That space can be converted to a large office if needed, or into a large bedroom like this family.

These types of RVs are becoming more popular because of their flexibility. Stop in at one of our Explore USA RV dealerships and check them out for yourself!

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