Increase the Efficiency of Your RVs Oven Texas!

Whether it be indoors or outdoor, cooking is something that I really enjoy when we are out RVing Texas.  And with that being said, I love it when I come across new techniques, gadgets and more efficient ways of cooking.  Cooking efficiently while you are RVing is important because unlike when you’re at home, you don’t have access to seemingly unlimited power sources to use the equipment needed when you’re cooking.

When talking with my RVer friends I have noticed that the oven is just about the most unused kitchen appliance used.  I think that this is mostly because when you need to cook something in the oven it takes about an hour more or less. And to an RVer that is a lot of energy used. But I have a great tip that will help to increase your oven effeciency!

Stop by your local hardware store and pick up four unglazed ceramic tiles in the size of 6″ by 6″. These tiles will absorb the heat and will act like a big heating stove. It also will help keep from food from burning as well. Check out this video:

Getting unglazed tiles is really important. Glazed tiles will break from the heat. Since these tiles act like heating stones you will be able to use your oven a little less as the stones will keep the heat.  I would recommend playing around with one recipe, an easy one too, to see how the tiles work in your oven and to gage the new oven cooking times. One of easiest things to bake is get the pre-made cookie that all you  have to do is slice and put in the oven.  Then you don’t have to spend the time actually mixing up the recipe since right now all you are testing is to find a general cooking time.  The main thing that I do love about using these tiles is that I haven’t burned anything in a long time now.  Using tiles is not a new thing, in fact, a lot of professional bakers and cooks use them as well. It’s just a great way to make your oven more efficient and cook more evenly.

If you have any great tips to share that makes RV cooking more efficient we would love to hear from you! Just post your idea below or come on by your nearest ExploreUSA RV Supercenter today!

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