Keeping Your Kids Occupied on the Road

When you have vacation plans in place for the family, an important part of the planning is making sure your children passengers have plenty to keep them occupied for the long haul in your motorhome.

There are several suggestions for making the trip fun, interesting, and even educational so everyone has an enjoyable vacation. Here are some of them:


Bring craft supplies to make fun projects. Include coloring books, a sketch pad, markers, crayons, and play-doh so kids can be busy and creative. When you stop for food or breaks, have kids gather mementos like a postcard, pebble, flower, or leaf that they can place in a plastic storage bag and label where the item was found along the route. Once you’re home, kids can create a scrapbook of the vacation.


Many games are printable making them easy to pack and store away with little room when not being used. Pack an etch-a-sketch for creative entertainment. Create a list of things to visually find along the way. This is much like a scavenger hunt except kids will be looking out of the window to “spot” the items. Give each child a hand recorder and let them record their experiences along the way.

Group Activities

It’s a vacation, so doing things together makes it more fun. Bring different types of card games and play together. Have a sing-a-long or play word games. Find time to stop at as many unusual side road attractions as possible. This not only lets kids release pent up energy, it’s an activity you can all do together.

With a little prep ahead time, you can put together a fun-filled activity package for your Texas RV that will keep kids entertained and coming back for more. As an additional activity, while traveling, have the kids make a list of the things they think would be fun to do while traveling. This thought provoking activity should yield some exciting additions to your activity package adding even more fun alternatives for an entertaining vacation.

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