Protect Your Skin Against The Summer Heat, Texas RVers!

It is almost August and we can all agree that Texas has experienced a very hot summer! Me and my family have been camping multiple times this summer in our new Texas RV, and we try to implement ways in which we can stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays BUT still have fun and partake in camping activities! Over the summer we have experimented with different things but this is what seemed to work for us:

1. Plan your outdoor activities at the right time of the day. Once we get settled at our campsite there are many things crossing our minds. We get excited- and so do our children! This is especially true when we camp riverfront/ beachfront. Water activities are a must for us! We try and pre- plan as much as we can as far as activities go. The most sun is strongest/most damaging to your skin between the hours of 11am & 3 pm. Although this seems like prime time to go enjoy yourself outdoors we have come up with a solution! Hit the sack a little early so that you are able to be up bright and early. When camping I like to wake up around 630 am. This gives me adequate time to wake up, help cook breakfast, and get things ready for the day. A lot of times my family and I like to go for a hike, float the river, kayak, or fish. When I get started early I have plenty of time to get all of our necessary accessories ready and get my Texas RV crew ready as well! We can start the day around 730 am and be done by noon or so. This way we beat the strongest hours of the sun.

2. Wear the right kind of sunscreen. I know we have all definitely heard this one before. I just wanted to explain how important the right product can really be. Many of us visit the grocery store to stock up on things for our trip. If you’re like me, a lot of the time you are in a hurry. When it comes to products like sunscreen it can get tough deciding which one to purchase when there are so many to chose from on the shelf. Here’s some tips to remember next time you are staring at the shelf wondering which one to go with- Pick one that protects against not only UVB rays- but UVA rays as well. is water resistant (a must), SPF of at least 15, comes in a generous size bottle.

3. Re- apply. Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before heading out in the sun and then every 30-45 min after that.

4. Dress appropriately. When we participate in water activities we wear are bathing suits of course, but there are things you can still do to protect yourself. For instance purchase a wide brimmed hat. I like the Columbia Fishing hats and I know many women prefer the big beach type hats. They will guard your face from the sun and help you to stay cool and protected. Wear sunglasses, even when you are in the water. If you are scared to lose your favorite/valuable pair invest in a couple $5-$10 shades. If you lose them it won’t matter as much and you will still be protected!

5. Water, water, and more water! You can never have enough! Bring along more than you think you will need because you never know what could happen.

Overall, there’s no reason to avoid the summer heat completely but you should think and plan ways to protect yourself. Skin cancer is more and more prevalent in younger people so make sure your kids are protected as well! Have fun this summer in your favorite ExploreUSA RV!

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