Rainy Day Camping Activities

Every now and then, you plan a camping trip with your travel trailer or toy hauler from a San Antonio RV dealer, but the weather doesn’t cooperate for one or more days. If you have kids with you, they are not going to be ready to sit still in the RV — they’re going to want to be entertained. If it’s warm out, the kids could go out and play in the rain, but if the rain is accompanied by thunder and lightning or the rain is a cold rain, it’s probably not a good idea to let them out.

Games: Keep games in the RV. Bring a couple board games that will entertain children and adults. Or, if space is at a major premium, choose small games such as UNO. Not only will your children be entertained for hours, but you will be, too.

Contests: You can play tournaments and contests with pen and paper games, coloring games, and other games. Hangman and Tic Tac Toe can keep older kids entertained for quite a while.

Video Games: Bring a portable game system if you have one. They are small and have many game choices. Bring at least three or four games for the kids so they can keep themselves entertained.

Reading: If your kids enjoy reading, let them read your electronic reader. The Kindle has many free e-book downloads, and many of them are children’s books and young adult books.

Learning a New Craft: Teach your kids a new craft. You can teach crochet, wood carving (older kids), cross stitching, wood burning or any number of crafts. The tools for these crafts take up a small amount of space.

Teach your kids a new craft if they are stuck inside the RV on a rainy day. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons: Danielle Keller: Public Domain

Even though the weather report shows no rain for a trip in your RV from a Texas RV dealer, especially if the trip is for longer than a week, you should always pack to prepare for a rainy day. Whether you bring something your kids enjoy doing inside or bring something to teach them a new craft, your kids will be much happier with something to do if they are stuck in the RV because of the rain.

If you are at a park that features a clubhouse, you don’t have to stay in the RV from an RV dealer Texas, you can bring the kids to the clubhouse so they can play inside — hopefully with other kids. Be sure to stay with your kids and supervise them while they are in the clubhouse.

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