Things to Do to Enjoy Fall Camping

Many people give up camping when the nights start getting cooler, but those that do are missing out on some of the best times to go camping. Jump in your new RV Texas and extend your summer camping season into the fall to catch the brightly-colored leaves as they change from green to the many colors of fall.

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The fall nights tend to cool down quickly and one of the best things to do is to start a campfire. You can toast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate if you’ve already eaten dinner. If not, grab some hot dogs, buns and all the goodies — including some chili and cheese. Poke a stick through the hotdogs and roast them over the fire.

Some campgrounds allow wood fires, but you may have to buy wood. Starting a fire is easy, even without charcoal fluid. Burnable garbage is perfect to use as a fire starter, and you are keeping it out of the landfills.

Put the garbage in the center of the fire pit. If you don’t have burnable garbage, you will need dried grass, tiny twigs and small branches. Use deadfall — stuff that is on the tree is too green to get a fire started. Pile the grass and tiny twigs in the center of the fire pit. Light the grass. It will catch the tiny twigs on fire if they are dry. Add the small branches. Once you have a decent pile of branches burning, add the firewood.

As always, be sure to follow campground rules regarding fires. If it is windy out, you probably won’t want to start a fire. When you go in for the night, be sure the fire is out — never leave a fire unattended.

If you are camping on private property, look for deadfall in the woods. Also, be sure to use something to contain the fire. If you can find rocks, build a fire ring at least 6 inches high. If you cannot find anything to build a fire ring, completely clear a 10-foot area of any grass or sticks. Build the fire in the middle of the cleared area. Be sure the fire is completely out before you go inside for the night.

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