Three Great Recipes to Stay Cool in Your RV This Summer

Without proper AC and a few cold drinks, an RV can be transformed from your home away from home into an oven on wheels. If you want to make sure that you can beat the heat this summer, you’ll want to keep a few cool summer recipes in mind. These recipes will help you to stay cool no matter where you go:


Ayran is a traditional middle eastern drink that really hits the spot in the middle of July. You want to get some plain yogurt, fresh mint, and ice water and mix that up at a rate of 50/50 yogurt and water, and add mint to taste. This refreshing drink is tart rather than sweet, and really cools you off and aids digestion. If you want to sweeten it up a little, you can use honey or fresh fruit. There are a lot of variations on this drink, which is a great alternative to the excessively sweet or alcoholic beverages that most tend to enjoy in the summer.

Tropical Burritos

The next time you’re in the mood for Tex-Mex, instead of the familiar beef and onion and rice and beans, try a little bit of roasted pork, sharp cheddar and grilled mango slices. You can sear the burrito, as well, if you want a crispier texture. The fruitiness of the mango is just enough to be a little sweet and refreshing, but not intrusive on the savory nature of the burrito.

Long Lasting Ice Cubes

If you want your ice cubes to stay cold longer, try boiling the water before you freeze it. This will get some of the air out of the water so that you don’t have so many little bubbles, creating that cloudy look that ice gets in the freezer, which means your ice won’t be quite so brittle, so it will stay in one piece and melt more slowly. Make sure to let it cool. You don’t want to melt your trays with boiling water!

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