Texas RVers: Try Out Austin Restaurants From the Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods"


With all the money you’ve saved making a deal with Texas RV Dealer, ExploreUSA, for a pre-owned RV Texas rig, you can easily travel to Austin to recreate host Andrew Zimmerman’s “Top 5” food delights he demonstrated for fans recently on the Travel Channel’s hit show, Bizarre Foods.

As usual, Zimmerman gives us a top five countdown to his number one favorite meal or restaurant. Equipped with a recreational vehicle gives you the ultimate means to engage in your own comparisons and collection of favorites in an activity tailor made to enjoy an RV Texas experience!

#5 The BBQ Crawl

Zimmerman explores some of the better and better-known barbecue establishments that Austin residents enjoy. He visits historic Black’s Barbecue, Lockhart’s Bar-B-Que fusion of meat joint and fine restaurant, world famous Kreuz’s Market and Smitty’s Market with a most unique ambience more suggestive of a medieval castle.

#4. The Restaurant Crawl

Unable to name a single favorite, Zimmerman suggests two extremely different restaurants on what he terms a “restaurant crawl.” Despite the differences in the cuisines and flavors, both establishments share a commitment to excellence in every aspect of food preparation, presentation and enjoyment. Foreign & Domestic is a classically trained chef’s playful but painstaking interpretation of what we call “country food.” Prepared in different combinations or in an entirely new way makes every meal a delicious adventure. The outstanding and nationally regarded sushi restaurant, Uchiko, is next on Zimmerman’s list, an establishment he identifies as “one of the top five places to eat in the country.”

#3. Broken Arrow Ranch

Zimmerman explores the Broken Arrow Ranch for its revolutionary new method of ranching and processing farm-raised venison. Immediately after slaughter, as the animal still lies in the field, the blood is surgically pumped from the carcass. The animal is raised, skinned and cleaned within the hour. This change in the way in which the meat is processed is said to result in an incredible improvement in texture and flavor.

#2. Trailer Crawl

Perhaps Zimmerman’s favorite aspect of his Austin food list was his exploration of the portable food trucks or trailers. These gypsy establishments travel nomadically and set up camps together to share expenses. As the host reports, these trailers provide “world class” food for unbeatable prices. The trailer art, the portable decor and the cutting edge arty aspect of trailer and chefs alike are all part of the attraction. Zimmerman suggests visiting Austin for a weekend and simply visiting 20 or so trucks: excellent food, great prices and no reservations!

#1. Pioneer Spirit

Zimmerman names his top Austin food attraction by emphasizing the pioneer spirit of the Texas hill country’s early settlers. Viewers are then introduced to a modern-day pioneer and foodie, Sebastian Beneau. Traditionally trained as a French chef, Beneau married a Texan by way of Mexico and now raises his family on a poultry and rabbit farm. Eschewing money, fame and popular acclaim, Beneau concentrates on raising the most flavorful poultry and rabbit meat possible.

Use that new or used Texas RV and get out to explore all that Texas offers — including great food!

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